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Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering takes pride in being abreast with the latest requirements of the industry and the changing technological environments. The course emphasizes both on hardware and software fields with prominence on the software sector. The students work on developing computer components and computer system specifications, designing and building products and circuit prototypes and testing and assembling hardware for specific functions. They also use their programming skills to analyse and design programs. Other than the main project, the syllabus includes various seminars and a mini project.

Vision of CSE Department

A department that develops self-esteemed, creative and competent computer engineers focusing on the progress of society.

Mission of CSE Department

1. To help the students groom into a highly competent computer engineer having a strong foundation, entrepreneurship skill, communication skill and ethical values.

2. To constantly motivate students and faculty members to update their knowledge and improve their expertise with the changes in technology.

3. To promote academic growth for students by offering post-graduate and research programs and to induce commitment towards society through social and charitable activities.

The Curriculum covers

  • Programming in C & Python
  • Data Structures & Algorithm
  • Computer Organisation & Design
  • Object Oriented Techniques & Java Programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Compiler Design
  • System Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Database Management Syatem
  • Software Project Management
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Class Project
  • Mini Project
  • Final Project
  • Seminars

Electives taken:

  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Graph Theory
  • Fuzzy sets and Neural Computing
  • Robotics
  • Distributed Computing
  • Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • Operations Research
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Real time Control Systems
  • Data mining and Warehousing
  • Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing


Four Software Labs are present, which provide the students with the facilities meeting their curriculum requirements. A full-fledged Internet connection with a maximum downstream bandwidth 128 kbps which permits 24 hours access for the internet is present.

  • Systems Programing Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Operating Systems & Network Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Database Design Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Internet Lab
  • Algorithm & Design Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab

News and Events

  • IEEE Workshop on Python Programming was on 23/04/2017.

    IEEE Workshop on Python Programming

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  • Annual Sports Meet 2016-17

    Annual Sports Meet 2016-17 was on 3/3/2017 and 4/3/2017

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  • "STARS OF MARIAN" ceremony was on March 1, 2017


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  • Technical Fest on Sustainable Engineering

    Go Green

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  • IEEE Student Outreach Program and Workshop on Photoshop was on 11-02-2017


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  • The Annual General Body Meeting of MECCA 2016 (MARIAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION) was on 11-02-2017 from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

    MECCA 2016

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  • Awarding Ceremony of Marian Award for Technology Excellence - MATE 2016 was on Friday, 27 January 2017

    MATE 2016

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  • Students Find a way for easy shopping at Malls

    Easy Shopping

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  • Teaching Staff of Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    HOD (M.S Engg)
    Professor (M.E., Ph.D)
    Dr. Babu Raj
    Professor (M.E., Ph.D)
    Mr.Jose Hormese
    Asso. Professor (M.Tech)
    Ms.Keerthi Krishnan
    Asso. Professor (M.E)
    Dr. Sheeja Agustin
    Asso. Professor (M.Tech., Ph.D)
    Ms.Mercilin Francis
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    (On Study Leave)
    Ms. Reeja S L
    Asst. Professor (M.E)
    Ms.Nisha J R
    Asst. Professor (M.E)
    Ms Nishley Elizabeth Joseph
    Asst. Professor (M.E)
    Ms. P V Merlin Shoerio
    Asst. Professor (M.E)
    Ms. Sajni Nirmal
    Asst. Professor (M.S(CS))
    Ms. Sunitha S
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    Ms. Swapna H
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    Ms.Shiji C G
    Asst. Professor (M.E)
    Ms. Jyothi Johnson
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    Ms.Sreetha V Kumar
    Asst. Professor (M.E)
    Ms.G P Simi Margaret
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    Ms.Remya U L
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    (On Leave)
    Ms.Nitha Jino
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    Ms.Vidya K S
    Asst. Professor (M.Tech)
    (On Leave)

    Technical Staff of Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    Ms.Sheeja George
    Computer Operator (MCA)
    Ms.Tessy T
    Lab Instructor (MCA)
    Mr.Binu K S
    Lab Instructor (Diploma)
    Mr.Scaria T V
    Lab Instructor (Diploma)
    Mr. Satheesh R
    1st Grade Instructor (B.Tech)
    (On Leave)
    Mr. Barnous Samuel
    Lab Instructor (Diploma)
    Mr. Jerry John
    Lab Instructor (Diploma)