Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers B.Tech and M.Tech programs fulfilling the latest requirements of the industry and the changing technological environments. The course emphasizes on both hardware and software with strong foundations in the traditional areas of Computer Science & Engineering. Apart from regular curriculum emphasis is given to hands-on training and design. The department has 21 well trained faculty members with years of experience in guiding the students in their projects and studies. The department is a part of the Infosys Campus Connect Program.


Vision of CSE Department

A department that develops self-esteemed, creative and competent computer engineers focusing on the progress of society.


Mission of CSE Department

1. To help the students groom into a highly competent computer engineer having a strong foundation, entrepreneurship skill, communication skill and ethical values.

2. To constantly motivate students and faculty members to update their knowledge and improve their expertise with the changes in technology.

3. To promote academic growth for students by offering post-graduate and research programs and to induce commitment towards society through social and charitable activities.


Programs offered

Program Type Duration
B.Tech Full-time 4 years
M.Tech Full-time 2 years

News and Events

  • Annual Sports Meet 2017-18

    Annual Sports Meet 2017-18 was on 20/01/2018.

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  • ""AYKYA 2018"

    AYKYA 2018

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  • Alumni Reunion

    Alumni Reunion'17

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  • 5 days FDP on Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures on 18 -22nd December 2017

    5 days FDP on "Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures" organized by Civil Engineering Department on 18 -22nd December 2017.

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  • Qurio-2017


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  • Tech Vibes 2017

    Tech Vibes 2017

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  • Regional Workshop on Science Popularization Programme sponsored by KSCSTE


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  • IEEE PES Kerala Chapter One Day Workshop on

    IEEE PES Kerala Chapter

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  • IEEE Travancore Hub Event on 4th, 5th and 6th August 2017

    IEEE Travancore Hub Event

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  • 5-day Faculty Development Programme on

    FDP on Theory of Computation

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  • Five-day Faculty Development Programme on "Analysis of Indeterminate Structures" organized by Civil Engineering Department from 3rd to 7th July 2017.

    FDP on "Analysis of Indeterminate Structures" from 3rd to 7th July 2017.

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  • FDP on "Introduction to Embedded Systems" and hands on training on " Keil and Arduino IDE" by EEE Department from July 3rd to 7th, 2017

    FDP on "Introduction to Embedded Systems" and hands on training on " Keil and Arduino IDE" from July 3rd to 7th, 2017

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    Interview schedule will be announced shortly

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  • Ranklist for B-Tech 2017 Admission

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  • National Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering - NCETCE 2017 on 10th and 11th August 2017.

    National Conference on " Emerging Trends"

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  • Technical Fest on Sustainable Engineering

    Go Green

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  • IEEE Student Outreach Program and Workshop on Photoshop was on 11-02-2017


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  • The Annual General Body Meeting of MECCA 2016 (MARIAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION) was on 11-02-2017 from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

    MECCA 2016

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  • Awarding Ceremony of Marian Award for Technology Excellence - MATE 2016 was on Friday, 27 January 2017

    MATE 2016

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  • Congratulations to Mr. Anupam Narayan A G of S5R1 & Mr. Limford Stephen of S1C2

    Congratulations to Mr. Anupam Narayan A G & Mr. Limford Stephen

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  • Students Find a way for easy shopping at Malls

    Easy Shopping

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  • Teaching Staff of Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    STAFF LIST Designation
    Prof.S.K.Mohan Professor
    Mr.Jose Hormese HOD
    Dr.E.Arun Professor
    Dr. Babu Raj Professor
    Ms.Keerthi Krishnan Asso. Professor
    Dr. Sheeja Agustin Asso. Professor
    Ms.Mercelin Francis (On Leave) Asst. Professor
    Ms. Sunitha S Asst. Professor
    Ms.Shiji C G Asst. Professor
    Ms. Reeja S L Asst. Professor
    Ms. Jyothi Johnson Asst. Professor
    Ms. Swapna H (On Leave) Asst. Professor
    Ms.Nitha L.Rozario Asst. Professor
    Ms.Sreetha V Kumar Asst. Professor
    Ms.G P Simi Margaret Asst. Professor
    Ms.Nisha J R Asst. Professor
    Ms Nishley Elizabeth Joseph Asst. Professor
    Ms. P V Merlin Shoerio Asst. Professor
    Ms. Sajni Nirmal Asst. Professor
    Ms.Remya U L (On Leave) Asst. Professor
    Meera Mathew Adhoc Faculty
    Ms.Vidya K S (On Leave) Asst. Professor
    Elizabeth J.S. Guest Lecturer

    Technical Staff of Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    STAFF LIST Designation
    Ms.Sheeja George Computer Operator
    Ms.Tessy T Lab Instructor
    Mr.Binu K S Lab Instructor
    Mr.Scaria T V Lab Instructor
    Mr. Satheesh R (On Leave) 1st Grade Instructor
    Mr. Barnous Samuel Lab Instructor
    Mr. Jery John Lab Instructor