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  1. The following students of S7-AEI  Madhu Manas, Rahul Raj, Shijin.S, & Suhail  have incubated their business in TBI on 18-02-2014, with the name One-by-Zero Innovations.


  2. Mr.Gokul Dev of S7-CSE has incubated in TBI on 18-02-2014, in the field of Tower based mobile tracking.

  4. The following students of S7-AEI  Yedhu Krishnan, Sadique, Radhika & Vijayaram have incubated their business on 12-03-2014, with the name ‘Hexagon’.

  6. Mr.Pradeep, Sachin.C.Richu, Nevil & Nejil Patrck of S6-CSE have incubated in TBI on 10-02-2015, with the name RN-TECHNIK. Presently they are working in our TBI.

  8. Ms.Shincy Varghese, alumni of ECE, studied in 2009-2013, started her company in the TBI from 18-05-2015, with the name 3-dots solutions. Presently they are working in our TBI.

  10. Mr.Sreehari.S, Visak Sankar & Midhun.M.C of  S5-T2 have incubated  in TBI on 26-02-2016, with the name ROBOTECHS.

  12. Mr.Jovin.V.Johnson of S3-M1 has incubated on 31-08-2016. In the field of  Mould making unit for fiber & plastic material casting.

  14. Mr.Nandakishore.A.S and team of S7-M2 incubated on 02-11-2016, with the product name ‘Organic waste reducer’.

  16. Mr.Kiran and team of S5-CSE have their business in TBI from October-2016, in the field of advertising & marketing with the name ‘Dreamvibes Creative Agency’.


Currently startups No.: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 of the above are working while others have either graduated or discontinued.

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  • Awarding Ceremony of Marian Award for Technology Excellence - MATE 2016 was on Friday, 27 January 2017

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