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Placement 2017 - 2018

Anuja M KCSE Infosys Ltd.
Adithya GopikrishnanCSE Infosys Ltd.
Bharath NarayananCSE Pivot Systems
Caroline Shelly JohnCSE Infosys Ltd.
Gaurishankar SushilCSE Infosys Ltd.
Irfan MaheenCSE Infosys Ltd.
Soorya MCSE UST Global
MalavikaCSE UST Global
Nishad NajimudeenCSE Infosys Ltd.
Safar JunaidCSE Infosys Ltd.
Sandheep SanthoshCSE ECESIS
Sonia SamCSE UST Global
Benny VCSE Qburst
Najeela NoufalCSE 10XDS
Neenu DcruzCSE Allianz
Rahul CSE UST Global
Anishma ACSE Allianz, Trivandrum
Mithun VRCSE Quest Global
Hetna HilaryCSE UST Global
Sona DasCSE Arvension Technologies LLP, Technopark
Salini MichelCSE Spericon Technologies, Technopark
Sreejith SCSE Speridian, Technopark
Ram R ShankarCSE Zesty Beanz
Robin John PanickerCSE 10XDS
Afsal A RCSE YCA Technologies
Sharook Mohammed.SMECH INFOSYS
Harikrishnan.SMECH NLC India Limited
Aju JosephMECH Ashok Leyland
Aju JosephMECH Graduate apprentice Training
Gokul K SubrahmanyanMECH Asianic Engineering Corporation
Sanoob SMECH Axis Bank
Ajai Krishnan SMECH Team Capital
Jefrey Alfred PereiraMECH KPSC
Joncy DeolMECH CAPE RT Hilton KSA Management
Manoj R LMECH BrahMos Aerospace
Manilal LMECH CLF structures private limited
Pavan ShajiMECH Ministry of defence (ARMY)
Syam SMECH Aarvi Encon Linited
Vimal BlasetMECH BrahMos Aerospace
Vivek J RMECH BrahMos Aerospace
Shiyas SalimMECH ISRO
Ponmanoj MMECH HVAC, Spectracon
Naveen P KumarMECH Technopark
Nithin ChandranMECH Infosys
Carren MathewCIVIL Infosys
Gayatri GopalCIVIL Infosys
Preethi LekhaCIVIL Infosys
Sona NahasCIVIL Infosys
Lekshmi NairCivil Techmahindra
Sajna SuhurCivil Techmahindra
Reshma RajanCivil Techmahindra
Fathima.SCIVIL Axis Bank
Amina P.MCIVIL Axis Bank
Anjana S ACIVIL Axis Bank
Jelsa VCIVIL Axis Bank
.Sanjana S GCivil HDFC Life
Akhil ACivil HDFC Life
Anjana B JCivil HDFC Life
GadhalalCivil HDFC Life
Divya BCivil HDFC Life
Ansi AECE Infosys
Meera VinodECE Infosys
Susmitha DharmanECE Infosys
Midhun CECE Infosys
Pavithra SukumarECE Infosys
Ashique ShajahanECE Evobi Automations
Sreehari SECE Evobi Automations
Mydhili VikramECE Evobi Automations
Nikitha R NixonECE Techmahindra
AthiraECE H&R Block
Sreelekshmy S RECE Axis Bank
Pooja HariECE Axis Bank
Megha.MECE Axis Bank
Sruthi SECE Axis Bank
Vishnu Priya .R.CECE Axis Bank
Anupama DineshECE InApp Technologies
Nikhitha R NairECE Accenta Education
Soumiya M SECE Accenta Education
Brijesh B REEE Accenta Education
Kevin DcostaEEE Accenta Education

News and Events

  • FDP on BLOCK CHAIN and Applications in IoT

    2 day FDP on BLOCK CHAIN and Applications in IoT was conducted by Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

    Read more
  • AICTE Sponsored Two Week Faculty Development Programme on “Role of Machine Learning in Internet of Things Applications (9th Dec 2019 – 20th Dec 2019)


    Read more
  • Awarding Ph D

    Ms. Himasree P R is awarded Ph D in Structural Engineering From NIT Calicut on the topic" Strength and Behavior of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Wall Panels".

    Read more
  • Marian Graduation Day-Chrysalis 2k19

    Marian Graduation Day- Chrysalis 2k19

    Read more
  • Marian Graduation Day- Chrysalis 2k19

    Chrysalis 2k19

    Read more
  • National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer & Communication Technologies (NCETCCT ’19)

    NCETCCT ’19

    Read more
  • TEJASVI 2019

    TEJASVI 2019

    Read more
  • NCIRET 2019

    NCIRET 2019

    Read more
  • National Conference on "Advances in Energy Efficient Technologies"

    Advances in Energy Efficient Technologies

    Read more
  • PTA Meeting

    PTA Meeting on 23/03/2019

    Read more
  • FDP

    Three day FDP on " Engineering Mathematics and Reserach Methodology" from 13th to 15th December , 2018.

    Read more
  • 3-day FDP on

    3-day FDP on "Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud Architecture on 20th, 23rd and 24th of July 2018 organized by CSE Department.

    Read more
  • KSCSTE Sponsored National Workshop on "Sustainable Energy Development" was conducted from July 2-6, 2018.

    KSCSTE Sponsored National Workshop on "Sustainable Energy Development" - July 2-6, 2018

    Read more
  • 5 days FDP on "Advanced Structural Analysis" was organised by Civil Engineering Department from 9th to 13th July 2018.

    5 days FDP on "Advanced Structural Analysis" on 9th to 13th July 2018 organised by Civil Engineering Department

    Read more
  • BTech Applicants to upload Plus Two marks in the Entrance Commissioner Website.

    BTech Applicants to upload +2 marks

    Read more
  • Marian Center for Continuing Education Courses

    Marian Center for Continuing Education

    Read more
  • EDEN 2K18 - Entrepreneurship Boot Camp from 25th to 28th January 2018.

    Entrepreneurship Boot camp

    Read more
  • AYKYA 2018

    AYKYA 2018

    Read more
  • Alumni Reunion

    Alumni Reunion'17

    Read more
  • Qurio-2017


    Read more
  • Congratulations to the winners of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University A-ZONE Intercollegiate Football Tournament 2017

    APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University A-ZONE Intercollegiate Football Tournament 2017

    Read more
  • Kerala University Championship 2017 - Congratulations to our winners


    Read more
  • IEEE PES Kerala Chapter has conducted a One Day Workshop on "Design of an Electrical System of Multi Storey Building Complex" on Saturday, 29th July 2017.

    IEEE PES Kerala Chapter

    Read more
  • IEEE Travancore Hub Event on 4th, 5th and 6th August 2017

    IEEE Travancore Hub Event

    Read more
  • IEEE Student Outreach Program and Workshop on Photoshop was on 11-02-2017


    Read more
  • Awarding Ceremony of Marian Award for Technology Excellence - MATE 2016 was on Friday, 27 January 2017

    MATE 2016

    Read more