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MEC CSE 2003 – 2007 Batch Endowment Fund

Does helping others lead to higher levels of happiness??

It has been pointed out that happier people give more indeed causing greater happiness. They say that helping others can take countless forms, from giving money to charity, helping a stranger, having deep-rooted empathy or even a desire for public recognition. It is indeed proven that giving help to others may improve physical health and longevity and that it helps decrease stress also. It promotes cooperation, social connection and evokes gratitude that is integral to happiness, health, and social bonds. These things make a person optimistic and feel better in their lives. It can also be pointed out that an endowment given or received can elicit feelings of gratitude. This makes a person more optimistic and feels better about their lives as well thereby strengthening a sense of connection as well. It can be seen that such actions reinforce kindness and strengthens bondage between one another.

In today’s world when the world criticize the new generation for not realizing the value of relationships, lack commitment and being ungrateful where youngsters are often branded as technology freaks, there is a different story altogether. A group of students thought in the other way to break the conventional tag about them. They came forward to do something valuable for promoting Education. As the world has turned into a global village where technology is at its best, they decided to use technology for the uplifting the under privileged. The whole idea got conceived, formulated and implemented using WhatsApp. Not even a single phone call was needed to spread the idea. The idea was nothing but to remember their alma-mater and contribute towards the well being of the college.

The idea got a quick acceptance among friends and the 2003 – 2007 Batch Alumni students of Computer Science and Engineering handed over an Endowment Fund to the College on 17/09/2016, the first ever in the History of Marian by any class. They had a very clear notion that the amount they collect should reach the needy. In quick time the batch amassed an overwhelming 1.15 Lakhs for the Endowment Fund. The Name of the Endowment Fund is “MEC CSE 2003 – 2007 Batch Endowment Fund”.

This Endowment Fund will be maintained in a fixed deposit by the College and the Interest of the Fixed Deposit will be used to fund one of the academically good but financially backward students. The student will be a Third year student of the CSE Department and will be chosen by the HOD and Faculty Advisors of the Third Year students of the CSE Department.

The Marian family is so proud of such an endeavour where the alumni contributed towards education in a very big manner. The college is proud and happy of the generosity shown by the alumni students.YES, indeed helping others lead to higher levels of happiness.

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  • MEC CSE 2003 – 2007 Batch Endowment Fund

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