URJJA 2020

URJJA - 2020 was a three week programme ( 22 January 2020 - 6 February 2020)which opened up new opportunities for students from various schools across Trivandrum to explore their technical abilities in large . With its charisma and effective organisation URJJA -2020 emphasized the importance of nurturing technical skills among school students. The active involvement and collective measures of IEEE PES SBC volunteers made URJJA - 2020 a memorable experience.

The programme aimed to impart interest in aspiring school students for energy conservation and its efficient usage. Lecture sessions on energy conservation in the form of power point presentations and workshops on basic wiring and electrical accessories were organised. The students could utilize the knowledge attained from URJJA -2020 for public awareness in their locality.

  • URJJA - 2020 had its initiatives and objectives grouped under five different programmes namely
  • URJJA-LABHAM – Talk on Energy Conservation and Auditing (By IEEE PES SBC MCE volunteers trained at Energy Management Centre, Government of Kerala).
  • URJJA- TATWA – Workshop on Basic Wiring and familiarization of Electrical & Electronics components.
  • URJJA- SAMASYA – Quiz on Energy Management.
  • URJJA - KIRAN – Competition based on Energy Management & Auditing.
  • URJJA -TANTRA – Project & Poster Exhibition on Energy Conservation and Saving (February 1, 2020).



    Various activities under Urjja 2020