“ If what you’ve done over the past 5 years hasn’t worked for you, then change what you’re doing or the next 5 years will be the same “

     -John Carlton


Are you willing to push the limits of your knowledge ?

Are you willing to think out of the box ?

Then don’t miss out on this grand opportunity by

 Marian Automotive Club.

 Let your work speak for you.


 Marian Automotive Club presents



 The first team to participate in any racing event in Marian history with the kart made by their own hands. Here to offer you a opportunity to be part of their team, in this academic year to participate in India's largest Go-kart Event by IMPERIAL SOCIETY


  This year the team needs 25 enthusiastic members for the first Electric kart from Marian College of Engineering…


  Members in

  •  Design Team
  •  Mechanical Team
  •  Electrical and Electronics Team
  •  Media Team

 To be part of the success,

 Register here.. 

 For details contact

Amala Sankar : 8113000303

Krishnanunni : 9961811319