Webinar in Association with IEEE SB MCE

IEEE SB Marian Engineering College is here with a webinar in association with Entri.



Job Opportunities in Public Sector Units (PSU) and The Infinite Possibilities of GATE.

   The webinar will let you explore the limitless possibilities open to those who crack GATE and will benefit Engineering students from all semesters.

   Guess what? We’ve also got India’s best educators to help you crack the hell out of GATE! Esteemed professors from IITs all around India are now a part of team Entri.

 Event Details

!! Date: 26/06/2021 (Saturday)

Time: 7:30 pm

Open to all departments

Register now for FREE: www.tinyurl.com/webinarYT

Participants will be awarded an e-certificate


             Akhil: wa.me/+919344920383

             Abhyshek: wa.me/+918848078550