Computer Science & Engineering
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Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers B.Tech programs fulfilling the latest requirements of the industry and the changing technological environments. The course emphasizes on both hardware and software with strong foundations in the traditional areas of Computer Science & Engineering. Apart from regular curriculum emphasis is given to hands-on training and design. The department has 21 well trained faculty members with years of experience in guiding the students in their projects and studies. The department is a part of the Infosys Campus Connect Program and also a NBA Accredited Department.

Vision of CSE Department

A department that develops self-esteemed, creative and competent computer engineers focusing on the progress of society.

Mission of CSE Department

1. To help the students groom into a highly competent computer engineer having a strong foundation and entrepreneurship skill, communication skill and ethical values.

2. To motivate the students to update their knowledge and achieve academic growth through post graduate and research programs.

3. To inculcate commitment towards society and ethical values.

Programs Offered
Program Type Duration
B.Tech Full-time 4 years

Teaching Staff of Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Staff List Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association
Dr.Jayaprakash Professor & H.O.D 01/01/2020 Regular
Prof.S.K.Mohan Professor 15/07/2011 Contractual
Prof.Jose Hormese Asso. Professor 01/07/2003 Regular
Dr. E.BabuRaj Professor 16/11/2016 Regular
Dr. Sheeja Agustin Asso. Professor 27/09/2004 Regular
Dr.Susan Augustine Asso. Professor 01/07/2019 Regular
Prof.Keerthi Krishnan Asso. Professor 01/07/2004 Regular
Prof. Sunitha S. Asst. Professor 03/01/2005 Regular
Prof. Reeja S. L. Asst. Professor 23/08/2006 Regular
Prof. Swapna H. Asst. Professor 28/08/2006 Regular
Prof. Nitha L.Rozario Asst. Professor 28/08/2006 Regular
Prof. Jyothi Johnson Asst. Professor 28/08/2006 Regular
Prof. Mercelin Francis Asst. Professor 01/09/2005 Regular
Prof. Nisha J R Asst. Professor 19/01/2009 Regular
Prof. Nishley Elizabeth Joseph Asst. Professor 12/04/2010 Regular
Prof. P. V. Merlin Shoerio Asst. Professor 30/06/2010 Regular
Prof. Sajni Nirmal Asst. Professor 03/01/2011 Regular
Prof. Sangeeth N. Asst. Professor 17/07/2018 Regular
Prof. L.Mebil Bernaldu Asst. Professor 04/01/2019 Regular
Prof. Anjali L.R. Asst. Professor 06/03/2021 Adhoc
Prof. Jipsy Jose Asst. Professor 22/03/2021 Adhoc
Technical Staff of Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Staff List Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association
Ms.Sheeja George Computer Operator 01/03/2007 Regular
Ms.Tessy T Lab Instructor 19/11/2008 Regular
Mr. Barnous Samuel Lab Instructor 03/02/2014 Regular
Mr. Jery John Lab Instructor 15/02/2016 Regular
Mr. Staney Selvaraj Lab Instructor 03/11/2019 Regular