Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is considered as the mother of all engineering branches. The Civil Engineering Department was started in the year 2006 with UG Program and an M. Tech Program in Geotechnical Engineering was started in the year 2013.The Department has at present 26 faculty members. The department has secured University ranks in both UG and PG courses. The department has fully equipped laboratories, highly qualified faculty, advanced equipments and most modern professional. The department also offers different consultancy works. MTech course in Geotechnical Engineering covers vast application in the relevant areas of foundation design, soil exploration and involves in inter disciplinary live projects. The first batch of M Tech course secured 100% pass with distinctions. 


   The Vision of the department is to become a leading centre of excellence in Civil Engineering education which will be highly recognized at national and international levels as well as contributing to the civil engineering technology for the sustainable development of the society.


 To provide quality education to prepare nationally competitive students for a successful career in civil engineering; to provide advanced skills and knowledge in state-of-the-art research and design in all areas of civil engineering and to provide service to the profession, the public and society.

Programs offered
Program Type Duration
B.Tech Full-time 4 years
M.Tech Full-time 2 years

Teaching Staff of Department of Civil Engineering
Staff List Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association
Dr. Ruby Abraham Professor 01/07/2017 Regular
Prof.K.P.Narayanan Professor 18/10/2001 Contractual
Prof. Joisy M B Professor 03/01/2018 Regular
Dr. Narayanan S Professor & H.O.D 10/07/2019 Regular
Prof.Reshmy D.S Asso. Professor 28/08/2006 Regular
Prof. Rani V Asso. Professor 12/02/2011 Regular
Prof.Tara Leander Asst. Professor 22/01/2009 Regular
Prof.Greeshma T Asst. Professor 16/06/2010 Regular
Prof. Renju C.M Asst. Professor 06/04/2012 Regular
Prof. Abhijith R P Asst. Professor 08/01/2012 Regular
Prof. Asha Davood Asst. Professor 24/06/2013 Regular
Prof. Twinkle Vinu Mohandas Asst. Professor 24/06/2013 Regular
Prof. Sanobiya B S Asst. Professor 01/07/2013 Regular
Prof. Aswathy Sasikumar Asst. Professor 01/08/2013 Regular
Prof. Deepthi Dennison Asst. Professor 03/08/2015 Regular
Prof. Kannan K Asst. Professor 15/07/2017 Regular
Dr. Archana J Satheesh Asst. Professor 01/08/2019 Regular
Prof. Ambikadevi V M Adhoc Faculty 01/08/2019 Contractual
Prof. Mohini M B Adhoc Faculty 01/08/2019 Contractual
Prof. Anila Angel P R Adhoc Faculty 01/08/2019 Contractual
Prof. Arsha G. Fernandez Adhoc Faculty 01/08/2019 Contractual
Prof. K C Amal Vishnu Adhoc Faculty 06/11/2019 Adhoc
Prof. Rageena S S Adhoc Faculty 06/01/2020 Adhoc
Prof. David Clement Adhoc Faculty 06/01/2020 Adhoc
Technical Staff of Department of Civil Engineering
Staff List Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association
Ms.Sreeja T S Lab Asst. 13/08/2008 Regular
Mr. Satheesh Kumar G R Lab Asst. 13/08/2008 Regular
Ms.Lali Lab Tradesman 28/12/2009 Regular
Mr.Prasanth George Lab Tradesman 05/08/2010 Regular
Ms. Mercy. B Lab Instructor 04/06/2012 Regular
Mr. Jijomon. S Lab Tradesman 04/06/2012 Regular