Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

About the Department


The Department of Mechanical Engineering came into existence in 2004 and has grown since then into an evergreen department. The Department focuses on academic activities with little compromise towards discipline. The Department plays a major role in contributing to the academic community and society. The Department aims to bring out the all-round abilities in students and instill in them a seed for a better tomorrow. An interactive relationship is maintained between the students and staff, which enable the students to develop a sound foundation, which is an essential trait of good Mechanical Engineer.It is a NBA Accredited Department.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Marian Engineering College has at present 22 faculty members. The Department offers four year full-time B.Tech program in Mechanical Engineering. The Five Commandments of the Department are:

  • Quest for innovation Excellence and new ideas
  • Sustaining and improving the learning process
  • Creating, maintaining and improving the governing system
  • Maintaining high human values
  • Maintaining High work culture


Vision of ME Department

Emerge as a centre providing quality technical education and research in mechanical engineering to graduate environmentally, socially and ethically conscious professionals.

Mission of ME Department

  1. To impart strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering
  2. To nurture skills and talents for innovative research
  3. To mould students for Sustainable Development

Program Type Duration
4 years

Teaching Staff of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Staff List Designation Qualification Date of Joining Nature of Association
Dr. A. Samson Professor 01/06/2020 Regular
Prof. Ullas Innocent Raj Asso. Professor M.Tech 15/10/2001 Regular
Prof. K.M. Joseph Asso. Professor M.Tech 15/10/2001 Regular
Prof. Arun. J (Ist year Co-ordinator) Asso. Professor M.E (Doing Ph.D) 31/12/2007 Regular
Dr. C.R.Berlin Selva Rex Professor & H.O.D PhD 15/06/2016 Regular
Prof. (Dr) Arunkumar. V Asst. Professor M.Tech ,Ph.D 15/03/2010 Regular
Prof. (Dr)Manu Mohan Asst. Professor M.Tech ,Ph.D 16/08/2010 Regular
Prof. (Dr.)Sonia S. Raj Asst. Professor M.E 10/01/2011 Regular
Prof. Rajaneesh R. Chandran Asst. Professor M.Tech 21/01/2013 Regular
Prof. Amjith L.R. Asst. Professor M.Tech 04/02/2013 Regular
Prof. Rahul R.S. Asst. Professor M.Tech 16/01/2014 Regular
Prof. Pramod Raj T.P. Asst. Professor M.Tech 22/06/2015 Regular
Prof. Deepak Peter Asst. Professor M.Tech 20/06/2016 Regular
Dr. Vishnu B.R Asst. Professor P.hD 18/09/2019 Regular
Technical Staff of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Staff List Designation Qualification Date of Joining Nature of Association
Mr. A. Chandrasekharan Workshop Superintendent B.Tech 30/05/2014 Contractual
Mr. V. Nataraja Pillai Trade Instructor ITI 05/05/2010 Contractual
Mr. Justin J.S. Trade Instructor ITI 04/04/2011 Regular
Mr. N. Ramachandran Trade Instructor ITI 18/11/2009 Contractual
Mr. Amal George Trade Instructor ITI 13/08/2012 Regular
Mr. D. Anil Kumar W/S Instructor ITI 15/10/2001 Regular
Mr. P. Anil Kumar Trade Instructor 22/09/2015 Regular
Mr. Sunil Kumar N.D Lab Instructor ITI 07/08/2019 Regular
Mr. S. Surendran Nair Trade Instructor ITI 09/03/2018 Contractual
Ms. S. Ganesan Trade Instructor 28/04/2022 Contractual
Mr.Satheesha Kumar 1st Grade Instructor B.Tech 00/00/0000 Regular
Mr. Sibi Babu Lab Instructor 27/10/2022 Contractual
Mr.Anil Lal L J Trade Instructor ITI 08/04/2021 Regular