Mechanical Engineering

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Innovations in Teaching

Following are the best and innovative practices undertaken by the faculty members for improving teaching and learning experience.

YouTube Videos:

The faculty members recorded teaching videos of difficult subjects, and shared to students for online teaching.

Engineering Graphics

       Projection of Lines - 8 Videos Playlist

       Projection of Solids - 3 Videos Playlist

       Section of Solids - 16 Videos Playlist

       Development of Surfaces - 9 Videos Playlist

       Isometric Projection - 17 Videos Playlist

       Perspective Projection - 7 Videos Playlist

       Complete Course - 72 Videos Playlist

Mechanics of Machinery

       Velocity and Acceleration Analysis - 8 Videos Playlist

       Cams - 6 Videos Playlist

Fluid Mechanics Lab

      Bernoulli's Experiment|Experimental verification of Bernoulli's theorem

      Pelton Wheel - Load test|Fluid Mechanics & Machines lab

Industrial Engineering

       Economic Order Quantity Problem(EOQ)-Discount Problem 1

       Economic Order Quantity Problem(EOQ)-Discount Problem 2

      Determination of economic life|Replacement problem

Refrigeration And Airconditioning

      Refrigeration Made Easy

Thermodynamics - 4 Videos Playlist

Design of Machine Elements 1 - 41 Videos Playlist

Design of Machine Elements 2 - 50 Videos Playlist

Heat and Mass transfer - 17 videos Playlist

Thermal Engineering - 7 Videos Playlist

Mechanics of Solids - 79 Videos playlist




The faculty members encourage and motivate students to attend Massive open online courses (MOOCS) available through NPTEL.

Google classroom: Faculty members have created their own Google classroom where in they upload study materials and their links are shared with students.

Moodle :
Faculty members upload study materials on Moodle.

PPT slides:
All class rooms are equipped with projectors for presentation and engage classes with video
clippings and animations.

Student Presentation:
Students are encouraged to share their knowledge related to some areas as pre-requisite to
their fellow classmates.

Assembling and Dis-assembling of Projects:
Students have the hands on experience by assembling and Dis-assembling the various
projects done by final year students.

Video Lectures:
Video lectures of equipment demonstration are available and are shared with the students.

Group Discussion:
Faculty members encourage Group discussion in the class for effective learning.

Flip Class:
An online group is formulated with tutors and students for academic activities. The lectures
and assignments are posted online for the students. The students will explore about the topics and doubts regarding the same will be clarified by the tutor in the class room.