Mechanical Engineering

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Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Any teaching method, approach, technique, or tool can qualify to be termed as an innovation if it is used, or used in a new way, to produce quantifiable gain for student outcomes or the student experience, and can be implemented widely. Many of such innovative initiatives taken by faculty of the department can be observed in the Course Files, Laboratory Manuals and department’s Library.

Steps for identification and submission of innovations

The department continuously works hard to achieve the goals set towards maintaining the continuity of innovative practices in teaching and learning in accordance with the process flow chart shown.

Department Library:

Faculty of the department submit workbooks, lab manuals, power point presentation, lecture notes, models, charts and other useful documents that are beneficial for the students.

Club activities and Associations:

Mechatronics club : (

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary subject which can be defined as the integration of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Intelligent Computer control in design and manufacture of products and processes.


Marian Association of Growing Mechanical Aspirants (MAGMA) is coordinated by Mr. Amjith L R and Mrs. Sonia S Raj Assistant professors in the department of Mechanical Engineering.


The faculties of our department encourage and motivate students to attend Massive open online courses (MOOCS) available through NPTEL.

Google site :

Some faculties have created their own google sites where in they upload study materials and their links are share with students. (

Power point presentation :

All our class rooms are well equipped with projectors for presentation and our faculties do power point presentation and show video clippings, animations at any time.

Group Study :

Additional effort are taken by faculties to make students able to score well in their internal examinations by encouraging students to involve in group study after normal working hours.

Adherence to Bloom’s taxonomy :

The series test for all the subjects in the department are done in strict adherence to the Bloom’s taxonomy.

Mentoring :

Staff Advisors of each classes act as a counselor to any student regarding academic as well as personal problems in the department.

Student Presentation :

Students deliver presentation to their fellow classmates in some topics which were studied in their previous semesters which are included in the current semester subjects. Also during the revision hours students are asked to give presentation on previous university question based topics. This significantly boost students confidence and their learning experience.

De-assembly and Re-assembly of projects :

For design project, students have the hands on experience by De-assembling and Re-as assembling the various products done by our final year students, which are kept in Machine shop.