Social Distancing Mask by the fifth Semester Students of Electrical and Electronics Department

Hearty  Congratulations to Karthik  S, Abinston Rox Michael, John Paul of Fifth Semester , Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students for developing “SOCIAL DISTANCING MASK” which is, indeed need of the hour.


        The Social Distancing Mask (SDM) is programmed to sound alarm and send message to the mobile application when the social distancing norms are violated. It even displays the distance in the app, in form of text message. The Product ensures the social distancing required as per the current situation. The Project was done by Karthik, Abinston and John of Fifth semester as a part of the course, Design Project under Guidance of Ms. Reethu Dhanya, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics .   

                                        Social Distancing Mask