The Central Library at Marian Engineering College operates on an advanced automated system, SOUL 3.00, streamlining various tasks including book details, classification, and the issue, return, and renewal of books. All library documents are equipped with barcodes, facilitating smooth transactions through barcode scanning.

Being a member of DELNET, Marian Engineering College's library provides access to an extensive collection of e-journals and over 5000 e-books, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, it is affiliated with the National Digital Library (NDL), offering access to a vast repository of over 600,000 e-books for the benefit of students and faculty.

One more online library package, KTU Digital Library Knimbus, is also available for students and faculty members.

In terms of physical holdings, the Central Library houses 23,763 volumes covering 9336 unique titles. It also maintains a repository of project reports submitted by students as part of their coursework. Students can borrow books for a duration of 14 days, with the option to renew twice. Each book is assigned a barcode, and transactions are facilitated using college ID cards, with records digitally stored for efficiency.

The library is supported by a dedicated Library Advisory Committee tasked with providing guidance on effective services. This committee convenes regularly to curate book selections, review library materials, and suggest enhancements to improve services. Administrative tasks, such as maintaining library registers and files, are meticulously managed and organized for easy access by library staff.

  • Library Staff
Name Position

Dr. Unnikrishnan Namboothiri

Chief Librarian

Suji B

Librarian Gr.IV


Sreejith M S

Librarian Gr.IV


Vijayalal G

Library Attender




  1. Gate Register
  2. Library Orientation
  3. Circulation Section
  4. News paper
  5. Print Journals (Engineering)
  6. Journals- Popular
  7. OPAC
    1. Search by Title
    2. Search by Autho
    3. Search by Subject Heading etc.
  8. Photocopier
  9. Reference Section
    1. Reference Books
    2. Model Question Papers
    3. Syllabus
    4. Project Report
  10. Bound Journals
  11. Rare collections / Special Collections
  12. Digital Library
    1. Knimbus (KTU-Digital library)
    2. DELNET
    3. National Digital library Resources
    4. Printout
    5. E-Books
    6. E-journals
    7. NPTEL- Online Course


  1. All personal belongings such as text books, note books, files, briefcases, umbrellas etc. should be kept in property counter. However calculators and plain papers for taking down notes can be brought inside the library.
  2. While entering the library all members should write their names in the respective register. This is required for compiling statistics on library usage.
  1. The library is kept open on all working days from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM Strict silence should be observed inside the library. The member must wear his/her identity card when they enter the library.
  1. B.Tech student can borrow 4 books, M Tech student 5 book and faculty member can borrow 7 books at a time. The period of lending books will be 14 days for B.Tech students, 1 month for M.Tech students and 6 months for faculty.
  2. The person in whose name a book is issued will be held responsible for the care of the same. He/She will have to bear the compensation for any damage or loss.
  1. Writing or underlining in the books and periodicals is not allowed.
  2. While registering for higher semesters the students should produce both the library cards issued to them, for getting no dues certificate issued.
  1. At the end of the final semester every student must surrender their library cards, failing which a fine of Rs.50/- will be imposed.
  1. Members can use the digital library section for browsing online databases, academic registrations, taking printouts and for scanning documents.
  1. All students/ faculty should obtain No dues before leaving the institute temporarily or permanently.


  • Library Catalogue (OPAC)

    Utilizing the robust capabilities of Soul 3.0, our library offers an efficient Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) system to facilitate seamless access to our extensive collection of resources. With Soul 3.0 OPAC, users can easily search, browse, and locate books, journals, and other materials available in our library's inventory. This state-of-the-art software enhances the user experience by providing advanced search functionalities, allowing users to filter results by various criteria such as author, title, subject, and publication date. Moreover, Soul 3.0 enables real-time updates to our catalog, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about our holdings. Through the integration of Soul 3.0 into our library's operations, we are committed to providing our patrons with a streamlined and user-friendly OPAC experience, empowering them to discover and access the resources they need for their academic and research pursuits.

  • Library Catalogue (OPAC) Access link :

Marian Engineering College's digital library is a comprehensive hub of resources tailored to meet the diverse academic needs of our students and faculty. With access to prominent platforms such as Knimbus and DELNET, our digital library offers an extensive collection of e-books, e-journals, and other digital resources. Additionally, users can benefit from the wealth of materials available through the National Digital Library Resources, providing access to a wide range of academic content. Whether seeking research materials, course resources, or supplementary reading materials, our digital library caters to all requirements. Moreover, users can leverage the convenience of printing documents directly from the digital library and access NPTEL online courses for further academic enrichment. Marian Engineering College's digital library serves as a dynamic and accessible platform, empowering our academic community with the tools and resources necessary for success in their endeavors.


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  • University Question Papers

Access linkhttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q6TNcbU9o1lgqKYvHwt0g6ufsSBwiXfX?usp=sharing














Marian Engineering College provides seperate hostel facilities for both men and women to look after the welfare of the students. A homily atmosphere is provided for the hostellers .

Marian Men's Hostel

  • The Marian Men's Hostel can accommodate around 120 students, having spacious rooms and a big mess hall.
  • Warden : Rev. Fr. Jim Carvin Roach.
  • Asst. Warden : Mr. Barnous Samuel 


Marian Ladies Hostel

  • The Marian Ladies Hostel can accomodate 150 inmates , it has a big mess hall and seperate study rooms. The hostel is managed by Rev. Sisters of St. Martha.
  • Warden : Rev. Sr. Alice Paul
  • Asst. Warden : Sr. Lucy Thomas


Central Facilities

 Central Facilities Include 

1) Students can make use of a Common Computer Lab (AOC Lab) with a seating capacity of 100 in the Administrative block. They can practice aptitude tests, phython programming etc. during their AOC hours.


2) Language Lab with a seating capacity of 30


The college is providing efficient public transportation facilities for the staffs and students to various locations in and around the city.

1 MEC to Attingal KL-01 AG 6685 Mr. Sujith Kumar A.S 85906 66880
2 MEC to Poonthura KL-01Y 3752 Ms. Limcy Alexander ,
Ms. Stephin Shaji
95627 47090, 96567 42027
3 MEC to Vellayambalam KL-35A 7680 Mr. Vijayalal 98461 22643
4 MEC to Varkala KL-01AJ 9926 Ms. Mary Suja 96054 43715
5 MEC to Alamcode KL-359750 Ms. Noel Periera 95624 54770
6 MEC to Chavadimukku KL-01B 4811 Mr. Rexy Clement 94009 03371
7 MEC to Vattappara KL-22 9109 Mr. James Mathew 94470 20992
8 BOY’S HOME KL-22A 390    
9 MEC to Vellayambalam
(via Loyola school)
KL-22A395 Mr. Abhiroop V.M 94461 72983
10 MEC to CSI Attingal KL-22A 9075 Ms. Viswathi Sushama Bhadran 79075 91931
11 MEC to St.Joseph’s HSS (via Vettucadu) KL-22B 2167 Ms. Minnu Jayan 85908 77410
12 MEC to St.Joseph’s HSS (via Kesavadasapuram) KL-22C 2809 Ms. Regis Mary M 89433 01536
13 MEC to Neyyatinkara, Vlangamuri Animation Centre KL-22E 1897 Mr. Satheeshkumar. G.R
Ms. Mary Shirly
96339 72821, 98476 62648
14 MEC to Vellayambalam (via Thirumala) KL-22F 4093 Mr. Anand Dev. B. G 83010 97995
15 MEC to Nedumangad KL-22G 800 Mr. Hrishikeshan nair 98476 03517
16 MEC to Pappanamcode, Estate KL-05Q 5110 Mr. George. C 94953 01884
17 MEC to Peroorkada, Vazhayila KL-13N 6666 Mr. Evan kumar. G 98466 01808
18 MEC to Mangalapuram KL-01W 2252    
19 MEC to Alamcode KL-08AP 1800 Ms. Mercy. B 97451 14452
20 MEC to Vellayambalam (via Vattiyoorkavu) KL-22J 4604 Mr. Baburaj. K 83300 71128
21 MEC to Paripally KL-22J 5088 Ms. Margie Francis
Mr. Amaljith
99472 93844, 99478 41245
22 MEC to Poovar KL-22K 6375 Mr. Rasalayyan. N
Mr. Jerry
94976 40773, 90486 78778
23 MEC to St.Joseph’s HSS
(via Medical College)
KL-22K 6392 Mr. Rajan. G 99950 81748


The college canteen is maintained directly by the college management. The canteen adheres to the highest degrees of quality, hygiene and provide the students with tasty food at affordable rates. The serene atmosphere in the canteen has transformed it to one of the most popular places for the students.


A Cafeteria is working in our campus to provide students with nutritious and hygenic food.The Cafeteria provides a pleasant environment for social interaction that promotes collaborative learning, with the added benefit of being able to grab a bite to eat. 

Solar Plants

Solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet many of the challenges facing the world. This power source is increasing in popularity because it is versatile with many benefits to people and the environment. Two solar power plants with 50KW and 100KW capacity are installed in our campus.


Well equipped gymnasium is available within campus for students as well as faculty. Regular exercise can also boost your self-esteem and help you concentrate, sleep, look and feel better.



Bio-gas Plant

Dumping of waste without proper treatment creates a dangerous situation including that of ecological imbalance.The problems caused by waste can be reduced considerably through timely and speedy treatment. In order to treat the waste at source. The Biotech renewable energy Private Ltd installed a biogas plant near to canteen in our campus.