Student Welfare Committee

Student Welfare Committee endeavours to help a student’s educational process to advance their academic as well as personal abilities. The committee works for the overall welfare of the student in terms of student development which consist of student development program ,student publication, counselling of the students, co curricular activities and many more. The committee organises various events and workshops to enhance the skill set of students like Talk Show, Workshops, Debate Competition, Quiz Competition, Painting competition and Photography competitions



  • Listening to student’s problems and understanding what is required for their development in any manner.
  • Assisting the students in their learning process which includes not just academics but also the practical learning experience.
  • Conducting periodic meetings to talk over student welfare. Various co curriculum activities, facilitating student interests are organized for personality development of students.
  • Building a true entrepreneur in students and making them fit enough to co ordinate events in both college and inter-college levels.




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Members of Student Welfare Committee




  • Sumitra.k, Assistant Professor , EEE Dept (Convener)
  • MinnuJayan , Assistant Professor , ECE Dept
  • Sanobia, Assistant Professor, Civil Dept
  • Rahul.R.S , Assistant Professor, Mechanical Dept
  • Nishley Joseph, Assistant Professor ,Computer Science Dept
  • AnanswaraJohny, Assistant Professor ,Maths Dept
  • Sr.Mercy Mathew
  • Sr.Celine Joseph, Counselor
  • Ms.Marykutty R., Counselor 




  • Mr.Brightson Basil , EEE Dept (Chairman)
  • Mr.Abhyshek R ,EC Dept (Secretary)
  • Ms. Ashna P ,CE Dept(Joint Secretary)


Event Co-ordinators


  • Pankaj Madhu ,EC Dept
  • Ms .Aarathy J S ,CS Dept


Debate Club Secretary


  • Daniel A Pereira ,EEE Dept
  • Ms .Parvathy Gopan ,CS Dept


Quiz Club Secretary


  • Ashiq Antony ,ME Dept
  • Marvin Clement ,CS Dept


Media Coordinators


  • Al Shifan S H ,CS Dept
  • M Shivanath ,CE Dept


Academics & Higher Education Coordinators


  • Sreelekshmi Anil ,CS Dept
  • Ameesha G Nath ,CE Dept


SWC Core


  • Abhirami R V,EC Dept
  • Abhilash B S,ME Dept  
  • Rohan George Paul ,ME Dept




  • IDP Session on "Higher Education in European Countries (26/08/2019).
  • Inaguration of Students Welfare Committee (AY 2019-20) by Sri. P.Prakash (30/08/2019).
  • Essay Writing Competition on Gandhi Jayanti (04/10/2019).
  • Debate Competition (Malayalam) (11/10/2019).
  • Qurio 2019 (11/10/2019).
  • Civil Service Preparation Programme (20/01/2020).
  • Visit to Exhibition at Nishagandhi Organised by Haritha Kerala Mission (21/01/2020).
  • Asthra - Quiz Competition for school students (26/01/2020).
  • Debate (English) (31/01/2020).
  • Idea Presentation (20/02/2020).
  • Talk Show by Mr. Gokul Ramanan (alumni, EEE) (05/03/2020).
  • " Save Life Serve Humanity" - Covid 19 an initiative by Marian Students Welfare Committee (07/06/2020)




  • Photography Exhibit
  • Mini Hackathon
  • Mock Interview training
  • Orator Competition
  • Workshops
  • Group Discussion
  • Paper Presentation
  • Brainstorming event
  • Idea Pitching




  • Talk show on ‘Cyber security’ by E.Shareefuddin IPS.
  • Session on ‘Higher education and Career Opportunities in European countries' by Rajesh Waidyar.
  • Session on ‘Higher Education opportunities in Australia’ by IDP.
  • Session on ‘Higher education in management and importance of aptitude training’ by TIME Institute.
  • Debate competition involving students from all depts.
  • Photography Exhibition.
  • Quiz Competition
  • Student Welfare Committee Valedictory Function

Save Life Serve Humanity 


Inaguration of Students Welfare Committee (AY 2019-20) by Sri. P.Prakash


 Quiz Competition