Executive Committee of PTA

The Executive Committee of the PTA is constituted with immediate effect with the following members as per Chapter 4 statute 8 sub satute 3 and 4 of the APJ Kalam Technological Univeristy First Statutes.


Sl NO Name Position
1 Dr. Abdul Nizar M (Principal)  President
2 A Saraf (Parent)  Vice President
3 Ms.Sonia S Raj  (Assistant Professor, ME  Secretary
4 MS.Renuka Alex (Parent) Joint Secretary
5 Ms.Subha P S (Associate Professor, ECE) Treasurer
6 Ms.Asha Davood H, Assistant professor, CE Member
7 Ms.Swapna H, Assistant Professor, CSE Member
8 Ms.Jyothi Johnson, Assistant Professor, CSE) Member
9 Dr.Manoj M (Professor,ECE) Member
10 Prof. Keerthi Krishnan (HOD, CSE) Member
11 Dr. Berlin Selva Rex (HOD, ME) Member
12 Prof. Vinitha B Elza (HOD, ECE) Members
13 Prof.R Harkumar (HOD, EEE) Members
14 Dr. Narayanan S (HOD, CE)  
15 MS. Thangathamari N S (Asst. Prof, EEE) Members
16 Mr. Rahul R (Asst. Prof, ME) Members
17 Ms. Ayshath Siraj (Parent) Members
18 Ms. Sulatha James (Parent) Members
19 Ms. Prema N (Parent) Members
20 Mr. V Suresh Kumar (Parent) Members
21 Mr. Baiju Gopal (Paernt) Members


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