Teaching Department Association

The teaching Department Association is reconstituted with the following memebrs with immediate effect



Sl NO Name Position  Phone Number Email Id
1 Dr.Abdul Nizar M (Principal) Chairperson 9020321332 principal@marian.ac.in
2 Dr A Samson (Dean) Member 9447324844 samson@marian.ac.in
3 MS. Keerthi Krishnan (HOD, CSE) Member 9961293932 keerthikrishnan.cs@marian.ac.in
4 Dr.Narayanan S (HOD, CE) Member 9961140744 narayanan.ce@marian.ac.in
5 Dr. Berlin Selva Rex (HOD, ME) Member 9442304984 berlinselva.me@marian.ac.in
6 Ms.Vineetha B Elza  (HOD, ECE) Member 9961230224 vineethabelza.ec@marian.ac.in
7 Prof. Harikumar (HOD, EEE) Member 9446476994 hodee@marian.ac.in


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