R Gokul Ramanan
2013-17 EEE
IIM Kashipur

I was part of the 2013-17 EEE batch. At present, I am finishing up my MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur.

I was part of the first batch of the Electrical and Electronics branch at Marian Engineering College. The course was carried out without any hiccups as there were quality faculties and infrastructure in place. The faculties and the curriculum were favourable for creating interest and curiosity in the minds of students. A culture of academic rigour ensured that there is a delivery of conceptual clarity over rot learning. The faculties of Marian must be credited for the same. All these combined with a serene environment inside the campus and encouragement for student initiatives within the campus, made sure that I moulded to become a better personality who can dare to dream and wish to achieve greater heights.