Lakshman Krishnan
2017-2021 ECE
Masters in Electronic Engineering, University of Southampton

As a former student of Marian Engineering College, I am proud to testify to the institution's profound impact on my journey to becoming a competent engineer. The institution provided me with a holistic educational experience that equipped me with both technical expertise and essential soft skills necessary for success in the industry as a professional.

First and foremost, the college's robust curriculum ensured that I received a comprehensive understanding of core engineering principles and concepts. The faculty members, delivered engaging lectures, conducted practical sessions, and facilitated hands-on projects. Through their guidance and mentorship, I not only gained proficiency in my chosen field of study but also developed a passion for innovation and problem-solving. During my time as an undergraduate the college organized workshops, seminars, and industry interactions that exposed me to the latest advancements and trends in engineering. These experiences broadened my horizons, sparked my curiosity, and motivated me to stay updated with emerging technologies.

Beyond academics, the course emphasized the importance of developing interpersonal skills and teamwork abilities and I got various opportunities to prove myself by organising various workshops and outreach events and also be a part of National Service Scheme which helped me emphasis on ethical practices and social responsibility thereby instilled in me a sense of integrity and accountability as an individual. I learned the significance of upholding ethical standards and considering the broader societal impact of engineering decisions. This ethical foundation continues to guide my professional conduct and decision-making process in my engineering career and has helped me greatly in my current pursuit of Masters in Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton.

I am immensely grateful to all my Professors for the education and experiences I received at Marian Engineering College, which have laid the groundwork for my continued growth and success in the engineering profession.