Neelima Krishnan
Security Researcher,  Intel Corporation

My experience with Marian Engineering college was incredible. The faculty  is very highly committed and the services provided are impeccable.  The efforts put by the faculty to sharpen our skillset  and the opportunities given to us to widen our horizon,  spread our wings were immeasurable. Even after I graduated, the professors of the Computer Science department have always gone above and beyond to provide input to resolve any technical issues encountered. The people, networking and friendly ambiance in this college is what makes it a second home. I was placed in Infosys during my final year. After an year with Infosys, I pursued my MS in Computer Science at Virginia Tech. The strong technical background obtained from Marian, enabled me to pursue a career in Cyber Security and Vulnerability research at the Hume Center of National Security and Intelligence, USA. My thesis research project on Android Containers and Virtualization (patent pending) was published and presented in the office of US Senate CIO, Washington D. C. I currently work with Intel Corporation as a security and vulnerability researcher.