Sports Council

The college sports council is constitute with immediate effeect with the following members as per Chpter 4 statute 7 sub statute 1 of the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University First Statutes.


Sl NO Name Position  Phone Number Email Id
1 Dr.Abdul Nizar M Principal, Chiarman 9446035072
2 Mr.Hiran Mohan Assistant Professor, Physical education, Convenor 8593963359
3 Adithyan R S6ME, Student, Secretary 7994138756
4 Mr.Deepak Peter Assistant Professor, ME, Member 9995209389
5 Ms.Jyothi Johnson Assistant Professor, CSE, Member 9495626161
6 Ms.Jyothi James Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Member 9645554277,in
7 Ms. Sanobiya Assistant Professor, CE, Member 8943873877
8 Mr.Evan Kumar G Assistant Professor, ECE, Member 9846601808
9 Mr. Deepu R S Assistant Professor, EEE, Member 7025655668
10 Pranav Jayan College UNion Chairmain    
11 Joshua Edison S6R1 Student, Member    
12 Alan B S4 ME, Student, Member    
13 Joya James S6 EEE, Student, Member    
14 Gokul  S6 EC, Student, Member    


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